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New Agent Planning Checklist: Four Rs to Skyrocket Sales in 2022

Posted by Paul Rose on 1/27/22 2:26 PM

Don’t let 2022 sneak up on you. If you don’t start planning now, the year will pass you by before you realize it, and you might end up without a lot to show for it. By embracing the four Rs of planning, you can make 2022 your best year ever.

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Topics: Agent Planning Checklist

Helping the 64 to 67 Age Bracket Navigate Medicare

Posted by Paul Rose on 1/5/22 2:01 PM

For Medicare insurance agents, the T65 market is a great opportunity. To capture as much of this opportunity as possible, make sure you’re casting a wide enough net. Although seniors don’t age into Medicare until they turn 65, they may have questions before then, and if they’re still working, they may not want to enroll immediately. Here’s how to help the 64 to 67 age brackets navigate Medicare.

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Topics: Seniors aging into Medicare

AEP Follow Up: Strategies to Finish the Season Strong

Posted by Paul Rose on 12/14/21 12:52 PM

Whew! You made it through AEP. Now what? Although you’re probably ready for a break – and you’ve certainly earned it – there’s a little more work to do before you can relax. Now is the time to focus on AEP follow up, confirm that everything is in place and check for any stragglers from your existing book.

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Topics: AEP Follow Up

Using the 2022 Medicare & You Handbook

Posted by Paul Rose on 10/29/21 10:06 AM

CMS has released the new Medicare & You handbook for 2022. This essential resource is packed with useful information that your clients need to know. It also provides step-by-step guidance that is compliant and CMS approved, so it’s the perfect marketing resource!

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Topics: Medicare & You Handbook, How to use the Medicare & You Handbook

Social Security Recipients Are Getting a Big Raise in 2022

Posted by Paul Rose on 10/21/21 9:52 AM

The Social Security Administration has announced the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2022 – and it’s a big one. When we ring in the new year, approximately 70 million Americans will be getting a 5.9% raise. This will be good news for your Medicare clients, so make sure they know what to expect.

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The Importance of Tracking Your Enrollments

Posted by Paul Rose on 10/11/21 12:06 PM

Consistent enrollment tracking is more important than ever, now that you’re submitting business in multiple ways.

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Topics: medicare enrollment, tracking your enrollments

Western Asset Protection Is Ready to Support You for AEP

Posted by Paul Rose on 10/4/21 11:56 AM

Western Asset Protection (WAP) continues to gear up for Medicare’s annual election period. We know this is the busiest time of year for Medicare sales agents. It’s a great opportunity, but it can also get overwhelming. The good news is that you’re not alone. Here at WAP, we are ready to support you with supplies pick up between October 1 and December 7 – so you have everything you need to make this the best AEP ever. Log in to your WAP Agent Portal for the most up to date information available.

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Topics: AEP Agent Support

Western Asset Protection Updated Operation Status

Posted by Paul Rose on 8/17/21 4:15 PM

As the Arizona reopening benchmarks develop, Western Asset Protection is taking all the safety precautions and steps to prepare for a return to the recently remodeled, new WAP office. We are assessing the situation and will continue to follow the state guidelines as well as take precautions to keep our employees, agents, agencies and partners safe. 

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Topics: Arizona, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Office Procedures

Have Things Changed for Your Clients? Ask Three Questions to Determine SNP Eligibility

Posted by Paul Rose on 7/12/21 9:20 AM

We’ve seen just how much can change in a year. From finances to health, major shifts can happen overnight. If your clients have experienced a change in their situation, their current Medicare plan may no longer suit their needs.

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Topics: Special Needs Plans, SNP, SNP's, SNP Eligibility

Start Your AHIP 2022 Training Now

Posted by Paul Rose on 6/23/21 10:03 AM

The new AHIP 2022 training begins on June 21, 2021. This is an important requirement for all Medicare brokers that represent MAPD and PDP plans with most key insurance carriers. This certification must typically be satisfied before you are ready to sell for 2022.

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Topics: AHIP, Medicare Training Tips

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