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Start Your AHIP 2022 Training Now

Posted by Paul Rose on 6/23/21 10:03 AM

AHIPThe new AHIP 2022 training begins on June 21, 2021. This is an important requirement for all Medicare brokers that represent MAPD and PDP plans with most key insurance carriers. This certification must typically be satisfied before you are ready to sell for 2022.

What Is AHIP Training?

America’s Health Insurance Plans, commonly called AHIP for short, is a national association. In addition to its advocacy, AHIP is known as a leader for training and testing for agents and brokers who sell health insurance plans. This includes Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. The AHIP Medicare training course includes both Medicare and Fraud, Waste and Abuse training.

The Medicare portion covers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D basics, like eligibility, benefits, plan types and enrollment, as well as nondiscrimination and marketing compliance guidelines.

The Fraud, Waste and Abuse training covers important information on identifying and reporting issues, as well as other relevant topics.

The training is done online. After completing the five practice sections, you need to take the two-hour timed test. And watch out – a C grade won’t cut it here. To pass, you need to get 90% of the questions right (which means you can only miss five). However, with most carriers, you can take the test three times if needed.

Want to pass the exam on the first attempt? Be sure to read the AHIP Pro Tips below.

The test is normally $175 for both AHIP members and non-members, although carriers may offer discounts of $50 or more. See the discounts by carrier in the Certification Central tab in the Medicare Engine Agent Portal.

Why Do I Need AHIP Training?

Each year, CMS provides training and testing requirements for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D agents and brokers.

To satisfy these requirements, most carriers require agents and brokers to complete AHIP certification before they are approved to sell that carrier’s plans. Carriers may also have additional training requirements that are specific to each carrier.

Although the annual training requirements may seem like a burden, they are important. Medicare sales are heavily regulated, and brokers must be careful to comply with all rules. A little refresher each year is helpful.

Medicare rules can change from year to year, and AHIP training will help you keep up to date. These requirements ensure that all Medicare brokers have the knowledge they need to help Medicare beneficiaries find the right coverage.

What About Continuing Education?

AHIP is also providing Medicare Advantage & Part D Plan Training. Because each state has different monitoring requirements for continuing education, AHIP offers courses that are designed for each state, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. In Arizona, the training course is for five credit hours. The cost in all states is $30.

Get Ready!

Medicare’s next annual election period will be here before you know it. Set yourself up for success by staying on top of the training and certification requirements you’ll need to meet before you can start selling.

  • You can start AHIP training as soon as June 21. Don’t delay!
  • Study the materials and make sure you can answer the review questions correctly.
  • Pass the timed test and get your certification. You’re on your way to a great AEP!

AHIP Pro Tips

  • Download all five modules in the beginning of the course and save them to your desktop.
  • Go through each section and pay attention; make time to understand the changes.
  • On test day, be sure to read all of the multiple-choice answers on each exam question before selecting your final answer.
  • Leverage “Ctrl F” to search the PDFs for certain topics and keywords during your open book testing.
  • Practice working on your computer with two windows open – one for your test and one for the open book PDFs.
  • Carve out two to three hours for testing so you won’t be rushed and have time to review your work. With more time, you have a better chance of passing the first time.
  • Tag the hard questions and re-review them at the end of the test.
  • Don’t fail twice! Call your upline FMO/Agency partner if you are having issues.

Certification Central

Check out Certification Central on the new Medicare Engine Agent Portal. This is your go-to guide for navigating certifications in 2022. Get updated links, information on AHIP discounts and stay in the know when carrier certifications become available.


Mark your calendars! WAPCon2021 is taking place September 8 through 10. This three-day event is a must for Medicare professionals looking for insights on the new AEP MAPD and PDP rollouts. The conference will provide actionable training and takeaways, networking opportunities, one-to-one carrier representative Q&A sessions, and more.

WAPCon2021 is expected to sell out, so get your ticket now.

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