New LIS Limits for 2022 & How to Qualify for Extra Help

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 4/14/22 12:51 PM

Medicare has announced eligibility guidance for the Extra Help program, which helps individuals with their prescription drug costs. Medicare’s Low Income Subsidy (LIS) limits determine what level of support seniors can receive. Budgets are getting tighter with increased prices and inflation, and the Extra Help program can be a difference-maker for some of your clients. Understanding these limits is an important first step in the process.

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Topics: Medicare Extra Help

New Medicare Appeal Option

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 4/12/22 2:41 PM

Most Medicare beneficiaries understand that they may face out-of-pocket costs if they have to stay in a hospital. What they might not know is that their hospital status can impact their coverage. Over the years, some beneficiaries have been hit by greater costs and ineligibility for nursing care coverage due to their “observation status,” but a recent court ruling gives these beneficiaries a new Medicare appeal option.

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Medicare Retention and Utilization Review: Your Game Plan

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 3/23/22 2:05 PM

Are your clients making the most of their Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans? It’s a good idea to check in with your clients to make sure they’re happy with their coverage and using the benefits they’re entitled to. These tips and reminders will help you stay compliant while conducting a utilization review to boost Medicare retention.

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Topics: Medicare Client Retention

Is It Time to Update Your Medicare Insurance Agent Business Cards?

Posted by WAP Team on 3/3/22 12:12 PM

When is the last time you updated your Medicare insurance agent business cards? If it’s been a while—or if you’ve never ordered any—now is a great time to get a new batch made. There are many options for creating personalized business cards. Here are seven print and digital business card providers to consider.

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Know Your CMS Notices

Posted by WAP Team on 2/22/22 10:00 AM

Throughout the year, Medicare enrollees receive a number of important notices. You can help your clients by alerting them to notices that will be coming soon. You can also help them understand what these notices mean and how they should respond. Here’s a look at some of the CMS notices to watch for.

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Topics: CMC Notices

How to Best Serve Medicare Clients with Heart Conditions

Posted by WAP Team on 2/16/22 2:59 PM

February is the perfect month to think about heart health. It’s not just because Valentine’s Day happens this month. February is also American Heart Month. Take advantage of this opportunity to educate your Medicare clients on their care and coverage options.

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Topics: Medicare for heart conditions

Five Ways to Show Your Clients You Care This Valentine’s Day

Posted by WAP Team on 2/10/22 4:30 PM

This Valentine’s Day, show your clients how much you care about them. If you’re not sure what to say, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Use any of these heart-felt strategies to reach out and show them you care!

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Topics: Valentine's Day

What Medicare Agents Need to Know about the No Surprises Act

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 2/8/22 12:40 PM

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of questions about the No Surprises Act. Surprise medical bills have been a serious concern for people receiving hospital care for a while now. The No Surprises Act aims to ease these concerns. Here’s what your Medicare clients should know about the new patient protection.

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Topics: No Surprises Act

New Agent Planning Checklist: Four Rs to Skyrocket Sales in 2022

Posted by Paul Rose on 1/27/22 2:26 PM

Don’t let 2022 sneak up on you. If you don’t start planning now, the year will pass you by before you realize it, and you might end up without a lot to show for it. By embracing the four Rs of planning, you can make 2022 your best year ever.

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Topics: Agent Planning Checklist

Helping the 64 to 67 Age Bracket Navigate Medicare

Posted by Paul Rose on 1/5/22 2:01 PM

For Medicare insurance agents, the T65 market is a great opportunity. To capture as much of this opportunity as possible, make sure you’re casting a wide enough net. Although seniors don’t age into Medicare until they turn 65, they may have questions before then, and if they’re still working, they may not want to enroll immediately. Here’s how to help the 64 to 67 age brackets navigate Medicare.

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Topics: Seniors aging into Medicare

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