Western Asset Protection Announces Partnership with Integrity Marketing Group

Posted by WAP Team on 10/29/20 11:50 AM
Western Asset Protection is pleased to announce that the time has come for Mel and Mary Rose, Owners, to retire after many years building and supporting the growth of Western Asset Protection. Mel and Mary consider Western Asset Protection employees, agents and agency partners to be a part of their extended family and have made every effort to leave the company in caring, capable hands.
This, in turn, led to negotiations with financial suitors and landed with a company very well regarded in the Medicare industry. We are thrilled to announce that as of October 29, 2020, Western Asset Protection has partnered with  Integrity Marketing Group , the nation’s leading independent distributor of life and health insurance products focused on serving the Senior Market.
Founded in 2006, Integrity develops and distributes life and health insurance products with insurance carrier partners, marketing these products through its distribution network, which includes other large insurance agencies located throughout the country with more than 275,000 independent agents. Integrity serves over 1.5 million clients with over 1,500 employees. In 2020, Integrity expects to help insurance carriers place $3 billion in new premiums.
What does this mean to our agents?
On a day-to-day basis, it’s business as usual. And now we will have additional resources and capabilities to continue driving value for you and other independent agents nationwide.
What does this mean for Western Asset Protection employees?
Our entire staff is now a part of the Integrity family! Our head office remains in Phoenix, Arizona and Paul Rose, Western Asset Protection’s CEO, and the Leadership Team will continue to lead our dedicated and talented team.
Our story continues…
Mel and Mary Rose set out 24 years ago to make life for agents easier. Along the way, we’ve helped to solve some big problem for agents through fanatical support, industry leading tools and resources, and world-class training.
Helping agents and agencies thrive in today’s complex digital world continues to be at the heart of our mission. WAP continues to create industry disrupting online tools and training opportunities:
  • Launching an upgraded agent portal this AEP to help agents organize information more efficiently.
  • Providing the Medicare Enrollment Express platform to allow agents to compare, scope, quote and enroll customers digitally.
  • Offering exceptional customer service from our high energy team of licensed professionals
  • Providing ongoing training to educate agents on products, sales tools and other professional development opportunities.
  • Creating the WAPCon rollout conference, a centralized 3-day conference, to attend carrier rollouts all in one place
Joining forces with a company that is as passionate about the success of the individual agent as we are is what takes us into the next chapter in our story. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation takes us all from here.
Special thanks to our agents, agencies and carrier partners for their support and partnership over the years. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you through our relentless dedication to helping agents and agencies grow.
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The Medicare Senior Savings Program

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Big changes will impact costs for Medicare enrollees with diabetes next year. Roughly 1,635 Medicare plans will be participating in the Senior Savings Program. Starting January 1, 2021, beneficiaries who enroll in one of these plans will have a maximum copay of $35 for a 30-day supply of insulin.

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Social Security COLA for 2021 Announced

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People receiving Social Security will get a small raise next year. The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2021 has been announced, and it will be 1.3%.

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12 Steps to Take This Week for a Better AEP

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AEP has begun! The actions you take – or fail to take – this week will help determine how successful you are this AEP. Below are 12 steps to keep in mind.

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What’s Happening on the Hill: Medicare Update

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AEP Season is Here. We're Ready to Support You!

Posted by WAP Team on 10/7/20 3:53 PM
WAP has a plan in place to safely and effectively provide supplies and phone support during AEP, October 15 - December 7. WAP's office is currently closed to visitors/partners, but our team remains in full operation to serve your needs.
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The 2021 Medicare & You Handbook Is Here – See What’s New

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The National Medicare & You 2021 handbook has arrived, and it’s full of important information for the coming year. Here’s a look at some of the new highlights.

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Do you still think of seniors as Luddites who don’t know how to use things like computers or smartphones? This stereotype is increasingly false. While some seniors may struggle with modern technology, more and more seniors are embracing technology. This trend started before the pandemic, but the coronavirus has helped fuel it – and it’s time for insurance agents to take notice.

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Virtual Conference Etiquette

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Virtual conferences are a new experience for many people. If you haven’t attended one before, you might not be sure what to expect – or what’s expected of you. Here’s a quick guide to help you get ready for WAPCon2020.

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Face-to-face meetings have a lot going for them. When you meet people in person, you can make a strong connection and a lasting impression. You can also use voice, facial expressions and body language to communicate clearly.

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