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Aetna Releases First Look at Benefits - Watch Your Email Inbox!

Posted by Mari Rose Tautimes on 7/14/16 12:00 AM
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paulandmaridc.jpgMari Rose Tautimes & Paul Rose - Co-CEO's -  Attending Aetna Sales Conference in Washington, D.C. 7/12-7/14.

We are LIVE at the Aetna Sales conference in Washington, D.C. with a hot off the presses look at benefits for this coming AEP!  Read on to learn how to get details or request to contract if you think you're ready to get this party started!

A few brief takeaways from our conference (meat and potatoes after this):

  • Aetna is committed to brokers, members and will become more aggressive.
  • New broker website that will be easier to use!
  • New amazing Marketing Tool that will help you create customizable approved pieces!
  • Local/Regional managers that will support WAP, Agencies and Agents.
  • Stronger relationships forged on creative ways to grow Aetna.
  • Deep portfolio of products and services; start investing time in Ancillary!
  • Contracts are still separate for MAPD and Med Supp; take time to integrate.
  • Certification process is EASIER this year for 2017 and are live and available to take!


Meat and Potatoes: 2017 benefits, insights on Aetna/Humana transaction, markets we're going in to, etc...
We know you reeeeally want to know this stuff.  Trust us, we want you to know too, but it's highly confidential.  Below is how you can gain access:  

  • If you're already an agent with us, you should have recieved an email at 12:05 AM 7/14/16.  Email if you didn't receive it.  
  • If you are new to us, know that we're happy you made it there and we want to help! You can do one of the following:

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