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Whether you are just breaking into Medicare, or you are a seasoned Medicare professional, this Free Medicare training will be your secret weapon to increasing sales, conquering obstacles and getting more clients!

Join us for this Special Event

Join us as we refresh and re-record our Medicare Fundamentals content. 

In-depth, 2-day power-packed Medicare training :

  • Day 1: Medicare Fundamentals
    • Medicare Overview
    • Medicare Supplement & Advantage Deep Dive
    • comparison discussion
    • Difference between Advantage and Supplements
    • Power of WAP technology

  • Day 2: Marketing, Sales and Compliance
    • How to stay compliant in Medicare sales
    • Conducting a professional Medicare presentation
    • Prospecting and Marketing Techniques
    • Managing your Medicare business

Updated content for 2020

  • Free 14-Day access to our online Medicare Academy video library so you can continue learning at your own pace
  • Lunch & refreshments provided

BONUS Online Content:

Plus, you will get FREE 14-day access* to 12 hours of online Medicare training videos and worksheets to watch and learn on your own schedule:

  • Understanding the Medicare Marketplace
  • Comprehensive Overview of Medicare and Medicare Supplement
  • Understanding Medicare Language and Election Periods
  • Basic Marketing and Prospecting
  • Advanced Marketing Tactics and Compliance

*Full access to The Medicare Library available for WAP contracted agents.

Presented by:

  • Paul Rose, Co-CEO, Western Asset Protection

This special event is SOLD OUT. There are no more seats available.