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Five Ways to Show Your Clients You Care This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 2/9/18 2:30 PM

This Valentine’s Day, show your clients how much you care about them. If you’re not sure what to say, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Use any of these five fun and sweet ways to reach out!

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Topics: Valentine's Day

Significant Changes Proposed for Medicare Advantage Plans

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 2/7/18 11:31 AM

Changes could be coming to Medicare. CMS published a proposed rule that would make significant changes to Medicare Advantage. Although the proposed changes are intended to provide more flexibility, some concerns have already been raised.

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Topics: Changes proposed for Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Advantage

New Medicare Timelines Handout

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 2/1/18 11:22 AM

Do you ever feel like you’re forgetting something? With so many key Medicare dates, it’s easy to miss an important deadline. CMS sends out important notices year-round, and your clients want to know when to expect them. Our new handout makes this easy. The convenient timeline shows you exactly when to watch for various notices – like the Social Security Notice to Review Eligibility for Extra Help in September or the Minimum Essential Coverage Notice in December. It also includes information about ongoing notices that are mailed daily and about the open enrollment period. Agents can use this as a reference sheet, and it makes a great client handout.

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Topics: Medicare timelines

Share with Clients: New Medicare ID Cards Are Coming

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 1/25/18 4:00 PM

New Medicare ID Cards will be arriving this year. Currently, Medicare cards include the beneficiary’s Social Security number. To reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, CMS is issuing new cards that replace the Social Security number with a randomly assigned Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. This is good news for anyone concerned with security, but the transition may lead to confusion. Here’s what you need to know to make the process go as smoothly as possible.      

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Topics: Medicare ID cards

Share with Clients: How Reading Keeps Senior Minds Sharp

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 1/22/18 11:00 AM

Seniors, do you want to have fun, learn new things and keep your brain active? Then keep on reading – and I don’t just mean this article. Reading books, magazines and other materials is a great way to stay mentally sharp.

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Compliance Training Requirements May Change Due to Proposed Rule

Posted by Jean A. Lentsch on 1/11/18 11:19 AM

A recent proposal could provide relief for Medicare Advantage producers. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a rule that would change training requirements.

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Topics: compliance training

Five Resources for Success in 2018

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 1/9/18 1:35 PM

2018 has arrived. If you’re like many people you probably have a few goals in mind for the New Year.  However, according to US News, 80% of New Year resolutions fail by February! Don’t become part of that statistic. Take steps now to bolster your self-discipline and focus. The resources below will help.

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Marketing T65 in 2018

Posted by Mike Gattorna, Health Agents Network on 1/3/18 2:56 PM

Traditionally in the Medicare marketing arena, agents would start prospecting to the T65 (or turning 65 market) 3 months prior to their birth month, since that is when they receive their Medicare card in the mail and can enroll into coverage.

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12 Gift Ideas: How to Spend Your Next Medicare Commission

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 12/13/17 11:08 AM

AEP may be over, but the selling continues! If you’re having trouble keeping your mind focused on work, you might need a little extra motivation, and we’ve got just the thing. Let’s say you earn an average commission of $327. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or you’re buying gifts for all your family and friends, here’s what you can buy with $327 or less … in these last 12 days of Christmas!    

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Topics: medicare commsision

How Technology Levels the Insurance Sales Playing Field

Posted by Mari Tautimes on 12/11/17 3:01 PM

This week we’re sharing a blog that first ran in the AgencyBloc blog on 11/28. Erica Kiefer, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at AgencyBloc interviewed me about why technology is so important to our sales process. Enjoy!

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Topics: technology, insurance sales

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